Annie Waits.

While playing Boggle with my mom...
  • Mom: Did you get 'hwhy'?
  • Me: Wait... did I get what?
  • Mom: 'hwhy'?
  • Me: You mean 'why'?
  • Mom: That's what I'm saying.
  • Me: Mom.... Say 'cool whip.'
  • Mom: Cool hwhip?
  • Me: Oh my gosh. Say 'whence and wherefor.'
  • Mom: Hwhence and hwherefor.
  • Me: I can't believe this. Say... Whorehouse.
  • Mom: No! Hwhy are you doing this?
  • Me: *Pulls up family guy video on youtube* This is why mom. This is why.
  • Mom: Oh my gosh.
  • Me: Do you understand?
  • Mom: Yes. And I'm in dispair.

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